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What is Canvas?

ConnectMyApps Canvas is a low-code integration platform. It simplifies the process of building, testing, and maintaining integrations using a drag and drop visual interface, providing you with the tools you need to quickly design, prototype, and deploy integration workflows.

Why Canvas?

Canvas builds on ConnectMyApps' integration expertise acquired over the years and the best practices we have established while connecting hundreds of applications across various sectors. The result is an integration platform that allows you to build and maintain integrations with ease and flexibility.

How does it work?

Simply drag and drop ready-made blocks onto the canvas to quickly build and customize an integration to your needs. Little-to-no coding experience is required for many types of integrations, while the option is available to add your own code for more complex cases.

You can build integrations entirely yourself or take advantage of our development expertise where needed. Meanwhile, we take care of the boring but essential aspects of building integrations, such as platform infrastructure, maintenance of libraries, and data security.