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Secure share

ConnectMyApps Secure Share

ConnectMyApps Secure Share allows for secure exchange of files and sensitive data with the ConnectMyApps support team. In cases where you need to send us data such as passwords, or files containing personal data, you should not use unsecured email but instead use Secure Share.

ConnectMyApps Secure Share provides the following features:

Secure communication between ConnectMyApps servers and your browser via an encrypted SSL connection. Shared data is stored securely in our cloud and is encrypted at rest. Shared data is auto-deleted after viewing, or 24 hours from being shared if not viewed. Access is controlled via a secure link and one-time code.

Instructions for Use We only accept shares we ask you to send. Unsolicited shares will be deleted without viewing.

  1. Go to the Secure Upload page.
  2. Enter your email in the Your Email box.
  3. To share a password or login, write it in the Secure Message box.
  4. To include a file, click the Add a File button. Maximum file size is 20MB. Multiple files must be combined in a zip file.
  5. Press the Secure Upload button to make the secure upload to ConnectMyApps support.
  6. You will be shown a one-time code. Copy this code and send to in a separate email or via SMS if instructed. Important! The code will only be shown once, so don't close the page until the code is copied.